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Autumn Term Curriculum Overview​

Welcome to Class 3A with Miss Aston


October 2017

Welcome back to a new exciting half term of learning. This term, we will be applying our knowledge of the Stone Age to our English focus: a story called 'Stone Age Boy'. Within this focus, the children will be developing and using their prediction, description and writing skills based on a fiction text. During this term, the children will re-visit their Geography learning focused around the topic of 'The UK'. Here, Year 3 will learn about the different counties, rivers and places of importance. We will be using maps in Geography to extend the pupil's understanding and map-reading skills.

What is this map showing? What county do we live in? What town do we live in? Can you estimate where we are on this map?

September 2017

What a start to the year we've had! Class 3A have written some brilliant contrasting poems about light and dark. Lots of astonishing alliteration and amazing adjectives were used. In History, the children have been learning lots about the Stone Age. We have learnt about the wonder that is the Stonehenge; the children even had a go at making their own verisons (not to scale of course)! We've also been discovering and investigating artefacts that may have been used during the Stone Age. 

Last Thursday, Year 3 were very lucky to have their very own Stone Age day. Everybody looked brilliant in their costumes - I thought we really had been transported back to Stone Age time! 


This day developed our understanding and encouraged our enthusiasm of the Stone Age. We were amazed by some of the facts. For example did you know humans evolved from monkey? ​Did you also know that a mammoth would have been as tall as our school hall? The children were able to handle lots of artefacts from Stone Age time, such as animal furs, rocks from Stonehenge and even mammoth hair! All of the artefacts were very interesting and some were also a bit disgusting!



Hello and welcome to 3A’s class page! I hope you all had a restful Summer.

The children have all settled in really well to life in Year 3. As part of our blocked curriculum approach, the children were been practising their computing skills on the school laptops. We will continue to develop our computing skills throughout the term. The children also enjoyed writing postcards about their Summer holidays in English lastweek.

Keep checking back for more updates and photos in the near future.

Miss Aston