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Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Spring Term 2018 Curriculum Overview​

Summer Term 2018 Curriculum Overview​


Welcome to Class 3H with Mrs Houghton


Mr Gamble's Visit

Year three were very lucky to have Mr Gamble come and visit us this week.  For those of you who don't know, Mr Gamble until last summer use to volunteer to read with our pupils twice a week for over nine years.  He is a big part of the Sunnymede family and has been sorely missed this year.  We were thrilled when Mr Gamble agreed to come in to tell the children in year three all about our four house names (Mayflower, Pilgrim, Chantry and Martin).  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his visit and learnt lots (including the teachers!) about the importance of these name.

Shield homework​

Year three were set the challenge to design and make a Roman shield as their creative homework.  As you can see from the picture below, 3H produced some fantastic designs.  Well done guys!!!

Healthy lifestyle

This term, we have been learning what a healthy lifestyle means and how we can ensure we live a healthy life.  We decided to design and make a healthy sandwich.  We first researched what foods were healthy, we then using growth mindset tried a variety of fillings (some we had never tried before!!) to decide what we wanted to include in our healthy sandwich.  We finally designed then made our sandwiches.  

The best bit was the picnic we had afterwards.  Sadly, we had to eat them indoors due to the rain!!

World Book Day

This year, the theme for World Book day was characters from books written by female authors.  As you can see, 3H looked awesome in their costumes.  We had a great day completing a book quiz, discussing our favourite characters and learning to draw the Gruffalo!

Stone Age Houses Homework

We were set the challenge on designing and making a model of a stone age house.  We could use any materials we wanted to.As you can see from the pictures below, we produced some fantastic homes.  A special well done to some of the parents of 3H, who I know worked as hard on this project as the children!


​On Wednesday 17th January, we were invited to participate in a dance class at the Billericay School.  Once we arrived we were split into smaller groups and taught a dance routine by some of the pupils.  At the end of the lesson, all the school completed the dance together.

Even the teachers had a go at learning the dance!!


We have been developing our sewing skills to design and make Christmas stockings.  We have learnt how to complete a range of stitches and to thread a needle!  As you can see, we enjoyed using glitter and feathers to decorate our stockings.


We have been working hard to develop our maths skills.  We have been learning about what perimeter is and how to work out the perimeter of a shape,  We have been making shapes using cubes for our partner to work out the perimeter.

We often work together to solve problems.

Pop up cards

We have been designing and making halloween and bonfire night cards with pop up features inside.  As you can see from the pictures below, the class has produced some fantastic cards.  Well Done 3H!



​Stone Age Day

On Thursday 28th September year three participated in Stone age day.  Everyone dressed up and looked fabulous in their costumes.

The Stone Age man taught us what life was like during the Stone Age period.  We got to go hunting for deer and a woolly mammoth.  

​He taught us how they made fire!!!


We got to hold and feel lots of different artefacts.  Our class's favourite things were the animal skins.



​We spent the afternoon learning about Stonehenge.  We learnt how they built the henge and what it was used for.  We had a race to see who could build stonehenge the fastest and our class won.  We got to bang the drum in celebration!



                                      Welcome to year three.I hope you have all had a lovely summer,

                                                          that you are well rested and ready to learn.

                                             If parents have any questions or concerns please come and

                                                          see me and I will happily help in any way I can.​

This term we will be learning about life duirng the stone age period.  

Look at the picture below; how were their lives different to yours?