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Welcome to Class 3S with Mrs Sykes



We have been learing about the artist Georges Seurat.  Here is some of our art work which has been inspired by him.  



The most exciting thing that we have done this month is go on our class trip to Colchester Castle.  



We had a chance to look around the museum.  We could touch and wear many of the artefacts.  We realised just how large a Roman Shield was!


We built a Roman Villa and we all got the chance to sit inside.


We went into the rooms underneath the castle and listened to the story of Boudicca.  We pretended to be either Romans or Celts and had to scare the other side.​


This month was our class assembly.  We performed a song about magnets and carried out investigations in front of our parents and the rest of the school.




We have started a new topic in science.  We are learning all about forces and magnets.  We have carried out many experiments including an experiment testing friction.



We have been developing our sewing skills and everybody made their own Christmas stocking.  We were the 'Wise Guys' in the Christmas production and all the children sang very well.  Happy New Year!



We have continued to learn about the Stone Age this month.  In English we wrote our own stories based on the book Stone Age Boy.  We did some drama and created freeze frames for our stories.


We have been learning lots of new things this month.  In computing we have been using Scratch to find and debug problems.  We found this challenging but enjoyable.  




Hello and welcome to class 3S!  The children have all settled into the juniors well.  So far this year we have been using Scratch  

to create our own animations and we have been learning all about the Stone Age.  We are continuing to improve our maths and English understanding everyday.  

Mrs Sykes​

Stone Age Day

In September, we had a Stone Age Day.  A man visited us and told us all about the Stone Age.  We all dressed up for the day.


In the morning the man told us all about how the Stone Age people got their food.  We gathered berries and practised hunting.  We hunted a mammoth!


We also looked at lots of interesting artefacts.


In the afternoon, we built a replica of Stonehenge.  We also had a Stone Age battle!​