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Welcome to Class 4HP with Mrs Hathaway and Mrs Pye



December has been a busy month. We have been making electrical circuits in Science and investigated which materials can conduct electricity and which materials are insulators.

We applied this knowledge to making simple switches using card, paper fasteners and paperclips.  After that, we worked in teams planning and making torches with plastic bottles as the main casing​.   This involved quite a lot of problem solving skills, such as how to connect the switch to the circuit within the bottle and how to make sure the crocdile clips did not fall off the bulb holder.  We all managed to make a working torch (even if not all our switches meant they could be turned off!)




​The children really enjoyed the Year 4 trip to the Science Museum.  The journey was an adventure with walking, main lines trains and the 'tube'. When we arrived, the children took part in an interactive show with Jen.   They learnt about  spreading weight by balancing a board on several ballooons, which could then hold 10 people without popping.  Jen used a non-Newtonian fluid to protect her finger from a mallet and demonstrated what happens to marshmallows when air is sucked out of a jar creating a vacuum. One really exciting experiment was converting sound into light, sending it through a cable to be converted back into sound again to demonstrate fibre optic cable.

 After this, the children explored the Wonderlab.  This was a fantastic experience ​with a great range of things to investigate from magical mirrors and friction slides to magnetic fluid and electrical circuits.



 ​ Harry watched carefully to see if his friend could be quick enough to take a photo of a drop of water hitting the surface of the beaker of water. 

The water refracted the light which caused the unusual photo of him.

 We also enjoyed the heat sensor camera.  This must be my strangest 'selfie'!


The children have worked hard as part of the Sunnymede School team this week.  They have each made two poppies to contribute to the beautiful Poppy Memorial to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.  

 To create their poppies, they first cut the bottom from a plastic bottle.  Next they cut out triangles of the plastic before rounding each segment into petal shapes.  After painting the 'poppy' carefully, making sure to ​paint from the centre to create the texture of each petal, they used the bottle caps, glitter, sequins or pompoms to make the middle of the flower.





 During art lessons, we have researched the type of pots used by the Anglo-Saxons and discussed what they may have been used for.

​We thought about the kinds of decorative patterns that were popular in Anglo-Saxon times and then drew our own designs.  Today, we had lumps of clay to make our own replica pots.  First, we rolled our lumps of clay into balls and then pushed our thumbs to begin creating the pot shape.  Using the technique of pinching the clay and turning, we made simple pots.  Some of us then pinched our pots into different shapes and we all used  tools to make patterns.  These tools included straws, matchsticks and cocktail sticks.  Many of us really demonstrated Growth Mindset, by making the decision to reroll the clay and start the pots again (in some cases, more than once) in order to improve the shape or the quality of the decoration.


This month, we have written algorithms on Scratch to create maths games.  We created sprites and stages, and followed instructions to find the correct blocks of code.  This meant our sprites could ask 10 multiplication questions and tell the player if the answer was correct or not.  The game could also keep track of the score.



Welcome to our class page, we hope you will enjoy looking at our photos to see our exciting learning this year.

We have had a fantastic start to Year 4 with lots of hard work already.

Our science topic exploring the States of Matter, has been very interesting and we have enjoyed investigating ​melting and cooling using ice, butter and chocolate buttons.  


 We made small foil 'boats' for each material and then timed how long they took to melt in a 'bath' of hot water.

 In English, we have have been reading and performing the poem 'The Dragon Who Ate Our School'​.  We watched a performance by Micael Rosen and then used some of his techniques of tone of voice,facial expression and body language to develop our own performances.