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Welcome to Class 4T with Miss Turnbull




4T have had a busy Decmeber so far,  we all enjoyed dressing up for Christmas jumper day last week.

We have also been practising our song - 'The One God's Chosen', for the chirsmas play.  We hope you all enjoyed it!

Have a ​Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

See you refreshed and ready to learn in January.​


On Monday 13th November,  all of Year 4 went on a trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village.  We spent the morning exploring the various buildings that archaeologists have designed.  They don't actually know exactly what Anglo-Saxon houses would have looked like so they have had to experiment using the evidence they have managed to find.  This was the Sunken House.

Stephanie, our guide, told us that they had discovered 'keys' for locking the houses,  they were used to keep animals out.

Duirng the afternoon we visited the museum to see artefacts that have been discovered.  Many of the children enjoyed dressing up in replica costumes as well as trying on a replica Sutton Hoo helmet.



​Our topic this term in Science is 'States of Matter'.  We have investigated - solids, liquids and gasses as well as carrying out a variety of experiments to identify how materials have changed state, the best temperatures to melt chocolate.


We have even made our own chocolate crispy cakes to test this.  They were a big hit!​



Exciting Electricity!​

In Science, 4T have been investigating electricity.  This has involved learning about parts of a circuit, how to make a working circuit as well as conductors and insulators.  Throughout our research we have discovered that not all materials conduct electricity, but objects that do conduct electricity are made of metal.  Although not all metal objects are electrical conductors. Today we even made out own switches using split pins and paper clips!


27/9/17​        Instruction texts

In English we have been learning about instruction texts. We had a great time following some instructions to make lanterns and concertina shapes.  Have a look at what we have made!



Welcome to 4T's class page. I hope everyone had a lovely summer and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!