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Summer Term 2018 Curriculum Overview for Parents​

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Welcome to Class 4T with Miss Turnbull


We had a fantastic house morning for Black History month on Tuesday 27th November.  All the children were split into their houses and learnt about a famous person from history.  (e.g. Martin Luther King, Katherine Johnson, Alice Coachman, Rosa Parks, Otis Reading etc.)




This month we have been reading, 'The Iron Man', in English.​  We created a conscience alley to explore the dilema faced by the Iron Man.  Should he help to save the world?  We stood in two lines to form each side of the debate.​


During art this term, we researched Anglo - Saxon pottery and designs.​ We practiced making our own designs based on these.  First, to make our own pots, we moulded our clay into balls.  Then we used our thumbs to create the pot's shape.  We then worked hard to smooth over the pots.  After that, we used a variety of tools (straws, mathcsticks, cocktail sticks, pieces of wood, pencils) to make the patterns on the pots.  Even though some children found making the pots challenging, they all persevered and each made a great pot.  Well done 4T!



In English we have been learning about perfomance poetry.  We have had great fun performing the poem, 'The dragon who ate our school', to each other as well, as well as writing our own verses to this peom.


Welcome back. 

In 4T we have already had a busy start to the year.  We have been studying the Anglo Saxons in history and linking it to our music lessons.  

We have worked hard to order time lines as well as learning about the invasion of various tribes after the Romans left Britain.​ Can you remember the names of the tribes that invaded Britain?

Click on the picture of the Anglo Saxon house to learn more about Anglo Saxon life.

Can you find out when the Anglo Saxons came to Britain?

What did children do in Anglo Saxon villages?​