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Autumn Term 2017 Curriculum Overview

Spring Term 2018 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Class 5L with Miss Lee.

February 2018. 

5L have been baking!!! We have made a variety of cookies which included chocolate chips, marshmallows and brightly coloured smarties. Using our English skills to read the recipe and our maths skills to weigh out our ingredients we were successful with our baking. If you were lucky enough to taste one, I’m sure you would agree they were delicious.



If you would like a copy of our recipe, please come and see us. We would be happy to share!​

January 2018. ​

We have had a very interesting start back, as we have been learning about South America. 

  • - Did you know the Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world? 

  • - The Amazon is found in in South America, spanning across Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuadoe, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. 

  • - There are 12 countries in South America with a total of more than 385 million people living in the continent. 


Also we have been learning about the argument for and against deforestation. This has led us to write persuasive texts as well as plan and conduct our own debates on whether or not deforestation should be allowed to continue. 

December 2017. 

5L would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

We have had a very busy run up to Christmas, not only did we have to practise our christmas song we also had our class assembly. We would like to thank all who kindly came and watched.

Also, our classroom has turned into a toy workshop the last couple weeks. We have been very busy creating our cam toy, the final products will be revealed very soon!!

November 2017. 

This month during our English lessons, we have been focusing on descriptive writing. This involved us studying ‘The Piano’, a short clip which shows an elderly man playing the piano reminiscing about the past. To support us with our understanding, we performed freeze frames that focused on his emotions and flashbacks.


As a class we thought of key questions for example:

-How do you know his wife has died?

-Who are the two young boys and why do their clothes change?

-Why does his ring change hands in the film?

-How does the music make you feel?

Click on the picture above to watch the film and see if you can answer these questions.


Below are some examples of our writing about ‘The Piano’-

-       In the eerie vast space, the elderly showed no emotion. (Adam).

-       With the dark shadow slowly casting over the piano, the lonely, elderly man began to play. (Gracie).

-       Thoroughly thinking about his haunted memories, the piano’s notes echoed around the vast, empty room. (Keira). 

October 2017. 

We have been very busy this month because as a class we have created a patchwork blanket. This involved us researching different sewing techniques. Can you think of any different types?


At times some of us found it frustrating, especially when we couldn’t thread a needle, however our growth mindset got us through. Our final creation will be revealed during our class assembly at the beginning of December.


October 2017. 

​On Wednesday 4th October, we became Vikings for the day. We dressed up as vicious Vikings and Hilti came to visit our school. During his time with us, we learnt even more interesting facts about the Vikings and got to have a look at a range of artefacts.

We all had the opportunity to take part in some traditional Viking games, which involved us strategically thinking and working together. Hilti allowed us to practise our Viking war cries, and we think that our classes war cry was much louder than 5H!!               


September 2017

Already this term, 5L have all become scientists and have been investigating forces. This has involved us learning about gravity and air resistance as well as researching into famous scientists such as Galileo and Isaac Newton.  During our lessons we have completed many practical activities which are shown below. One of our favourites were creating different size parachutes to see whether the size effected the amount of air resistance.



We have also taken our learning outside and in French we made up a haka to use as we conjugated verbs.

“J’aime, tu aimes…”


 September 2017

Firstly, welcome to class 5L’s page. Already we are off to a great start, with all the children showing maturity and acting responsibly. The children have come back full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. We are all looking forward to the year ahead and facing new challenges together.
Already this term, we have started researching into one of our topics “The Vikings’. We have found out information about Viking life, raids and beliefs. Here are some of the facts the children have gathered-
-Did you know Viking warriors’ helmets were actually smooth and close fitting to the head?
-Did you know the individual letters of the Viking alphabet were called runes? There were 16 runes in total.

-Did you know Vikings ate from wooden bowls or plates using a spiky knife? Forks were not invented until much later in history.
I am sure you will agree with the children and I, that the Vikings were incredibly interesting, leaving us keen to learn more!