23rd January 2020

Today the children fed back on their task of promoting the school website to their class. Some children managed to do a presentation to their classes and show them the folllowing pages, which are regularly updated. See below for a list of pages that might be of interest. 

Mrs Branch also explained that the teachers have been thinking about how well we teach art at Sunnymede and how we might improve it. Mrs Branch has tasked Pupil Parliament members with finding out from their classmates what they think of art - what they like and how we can make it even better.​ They will feedback at the next meeting on Thursday 6th February. 

Gallery page

Lots of photos of whole school events - you may find yourself on there!

How to be a vocabulary ninja  

See new words and idioms you can learn and Headteacher's 'pick of the week'

Learning Zone

Lots of links to online games and activities, including touch typing, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars. You can also access 'Kiddle' from there.

Pupil Parliament page  

Find out what we have been doing in our meetings.

Year Group pages

Find out what your class has been up to with monthly updates​. You can also look at what you will be learning. 

Vocabulary we discussed in Pupil Parliament today:   'contractions'  .

We also discussed the use of "We done" that Mrs Branch often hears children saying. She explained that this is not the correct use of grammar. We should say "We did" or "We have done..."

Mrs Branch asked Pupil Parliament members to try and politely remind children of the correct grammar if they hear anyone use " We done" .   Do you use the correct grammr whn speaking to others? 

December 2019 - General Election


'in the minority'

'an overwhelming majority'

Can you find out what these phrases mean? 

You might even hear them used on the news during the upcoming general election. campaign.


 What is a  'poll'? 

Can you use it in a sentence about the general election?​

Who is the current Prime Minister?

What political party is currently in power?

What political party is Jeremy Corbyn the leader of?

What is a 'shadow' minister?​

How many political parties can you name?

What do you think the values of the Green Party might be?​

How old do you have to be to vote in England?


Do you think this age is fair or should  younger people be able to vote?

Justify your opinion​

Once you have found out the answers, maybe test a friend or family member to see how many they can answer!

29th November 2019

This week each class shared their findings about what children in their class enjoyed about their learning and what things they think might be improved. There were lots of ideas, some of which might surpise you!

  1. - Some children in 4H thought that the lunch break could be shorter  so there was more time for learning.
  2. - In a few classes, pupils wanted individual desks so they were not tempted to chat​.
  3. - Some children wanted more opportunities to go and do their learning outside
  4. - Some children wanted more story writing than other types of writing.

These are just some of the many ideas presented by our parliamentarians. What do you think?

While Mrs Branch takes time to look at all the ideas, and Indie and Emily have time to type them all up, the next task is for our parliament members to go back to their classes and promote the 'pupil' section of the school website to encourage pupils to use it more so they know what is happening in school and to help them with their learning. They have been asked to do this by the end of term.

Mrs Branch would like to mention how impressed she was with class 4H; they did not have their sheet to record their findings on - rather than not bother, they demonstrated our school value of 'independence' and found a different way to record. Well done Francesca 

and Jesse

Vocabulary we discussed in Pupil Parliament today:   'accost​'   'promote'

15th November

​During our meeting today, each class preented their latest survey results to all the Pupil Parliament members.

Please click below to see the results and a summary of our findings.

Now Mrs Branch has our views on marking to help review our marking policy, we are now going to brainstorm with our class other areas of teaching an learning we would like to explore in relation to teaching and learning at Sunnymede this year. Watch this space!

The next meeting in on ​ 29th November.

25th October

​At our meeting today, we agreed to go back and ask some more questions to our class about what type of written marking is important in improving our work.

Is it more important for them to record what we have done well


 is it more important to find out what we need to do next? 

 What do you think?

Children will ask their classes about what type of marking is useflul, for example scaffolded prompts, 'now try this' comments etc.

They will feedback to the next meeting on 15th November on the views of their class.​

15th October 2019

We have completed our surveys about marking and feedback and collated all our results at this meeting. The results of the survey are below - click on the image. Thank you to Emily for typing these up and circulating them to the classes. 

The results show that most pupils prefer verbal feedback from the teacher to help them with their learning. However, a lot of children still like to have some marking in their books, with children preferring  merking to be done during the lesson rather than when teachers go home!  Our next job is to help the staff change the marking and feedback policy to reflect the children's view. We next job will be to speak to our classes and find out what type of marking in books is most useful.

What type of marking do you think is most useful?

Would you like the marking  in your books to be about what you have done well or what you need to do to improve?

What will effective marking in your book look like? 

We are looking forward to our next meerting. 

30th  September 2019

We had our first meeting today and started by talking about expectations for a member of our Pupil Parliament. We agreed that we should be a good role model to other pupils and demonstrate our school values at all times. Mrs Branch explained that good attendance is also important so that we don't miss meetings. We also agreed that members needed to behave really well in class and around school. 

We discussed democracy and understand that we are on the parliament to find out the views of other pupils in the school, not just to talk about what we think personally; we might think different things to other pupils in our class!

Mrs Branch explained the reason for our first learning survey and she demonstrated a pupil interview with Dolly; well done Dolly!  We are now going to work survey a sample of pupils from each class to find out what type of feedback on learning they prefer. We will be working in pairs, with older pupils helping the younger pupils. We will report back at our next meeting on 11th October.

We have now voted for our Pupil Parliament representatives for this year and we are excied to confirm our new parliament members below. Our first meeting takes place on 30th September.




Violet R


David B


Lilly B


Jonathan H


Emily S


Thomas F


Dollie J


Austin B


Heidi V


Hayden F


Francesca B


Jesse O


Isabella B


Jude B


Emily P


Aidan M


Indie W


  Finley P


This term, pupil parliament representatives will be working with Mrs Branch and  their classes to relfect on what teaching strategies help them to learn well. They will kick off with doing a survey in their classes about what type of feedback they find most useful.

Is written marking the best way for us to learn?

Should teachers mark in the lesson or at the end of the lesson or in the evenings?

Are there other ways to get feedback other than written marking?

Why is feedback important for learning and what type of feedback do we prefer?

Once we have reviewed all the findings, the teachers at our school are going to review the school's marking and feedback policy to see what they might need to change.

Watch this space.....