'Junior Lifesavers' Training

Y4 and Y6​

May 2021​

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we were so fortunate to have the wonderful Jenni Gill from Safe Hands First Aid deliver practical first aid workshops to all of our T4 and Y6 classes.​

They learnt all about the acronym D.R.S.A.B.C, which stands for; Danger, Response, Shout for help, Airways, Breathing and CPR. The children were particularly excited to learn all about something that paramedics use to save lives. Next, we were shown how to put a casualty in the recovery position, and we practised on each other. Lastly, we were lucky enough to use a resuscitation doll to practise CPR.  We sang the song 'baby shark' to help us with the rhythm of the compressions.  Both year groups thoroughly enjoyed their morning learning. See what the children had to say about their first ever Junior Lifesavers first aid training:

"We thought that learning these first aid skills was very interesting.  It is very good to know that one day we could potentially be the reason that someone is still alive.  These are great skills to have and we think that more people should be taught how to do CPR and the recovery position.  We had a very enjoyable experience." 

Amie W and Fern C in 6W

"The training was very interesting, and we learnt some life-saving skills. We really enjoyed using the dummies to practise CPR." 

Alfie S in 4HM

"I enjoyed learning about D.R.S.A.B.C because that's what paramedics learn too. It was fun learning how to put each other in the recovery position." 

Lily B in 4H

Y6 Bikeability Training - May 2021

It was wonderful to see our Y6 pupils enjoying time in the big outdoors learning vital life skills.

December 2020

July 2020

How wonderful it has been to see so many children from across all year groups returning for transition meetings over the past few days. It has been so wonderful to see their smiling faces and the fact they have been so happy to return. The children have really enjoyed spending time with their current and new teachers. Thank you to all the children for bringing in an example of the work they have been doing at home. We have seen some amazing things and can see how hard pupils have been much creativity too; I imagine you, as parents, have had a part to play in that - well done! 

Have a wonderful Summer holiday and a break from the intensive home learning.  We look forward to seeing you all in September.

Virtual Tour for our New Year 2 Pupils

You can meet your new teacher and find out more about your new school by clicking on the link below. 

Remember, you can only do this with a parent.  


July 2020

It really doesn’t seem all that long ago,

You joined our school; young, sweet, ready to grow.

But now four long years have gone past,

And today will be your very last.

So many memories you will take from year three,

Your lovely teachers; Mrs Houghton and Miss Bradley.

A Stone Age dress up day; look like a caveman,

A trip to Colchester Castle; act like a Roman.

Another bunch of memories made in year four,

Mrs Hathaway and Miss Turnbull – your teachers to adore.

A trip to St Paul’s, a long walk up the tower,

An Egyptian dress up day, dressed for power!

Year five some more memories, lots of teachers, lots of fun – you’ll see

Mr Vincent, Mrs Bicheno, Mrs Faulkner, Mrs Houghton and Miss Lee.

A trip to Visit Shakespeare’s Globe, off to London, on the train,

Coming to school as Vikings – a dress up day again.

Memories of a different kind, you made in year six.

Remember Coronavirus, that put us all in a fix!

Remember Miss Lee and Miss Wilcox too; remember the fun and all things good,

Especially the many memories you made at Kingswood.

Lots of new memories to be made in year seven,

Time to leave us – you’re now aged eleven.

We all wish you luck and are sure you’ll succeed,

Of course you will, don’t forget – you’re from Sunnymede.

And so year six, it’s time to say goodbye.

Remember the good times, the friends – don’t cry.

The memories we have given, will last your whole life through,

Remember forever – we are always here for you.

Poem by Mrs Pye

What a difference a year makes !  As you will no doubt remember, this time last year we were preparing for our rock 'n' roll picnic.  What a lovely day that was !  

June 2020

With the return of more children at Sunnymede School, we decided to capture the school living its COVID-19 experience. It's lovely to see so many smiling faces around school again.









April 2020

Have you been wondering what your teachers have been up to during lock down?  This is a little something to make you smile, which made us smile too.  To demonstrate our own growth mindset and spread a little bit of positivity, the teachers of Sunnymede wanted to let you know that we're all thinking of you.  We can't wait to have all of our wonderful children back at school.  Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you soon!

March 2020

Assemblies get active

Despite everything, staff and children have been enjoying themselves in assemblies singing and dancing to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams and 'Reach' by S Club 7, with the double act Mr Ramshaw and Mrs Oliver.  


Also, Miss Lee and Miss Wilcox led 'Just Dance' with some rather apt song titles such as 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John.  Why don't you try some of the Just Dance videos at home with your families?​


Sadly, our site manager, Ross Evans, having served the school community for 15 years, is moving abroad.   We held a special assembly and had a sing-song for him, along with 'The Friday Dance'.  Fortunately, we were also very organised and all the children across the school had written a message for him,  and this was made into a special card. I am sure you will join me in wishing Mr Evans  the very best for the future and in thanking him for doing such a wonderful job over the last fifteen years


House Morning - February 2020

During our House morning, we looked at the effects of plastic on our environment.  Did you know that in Britain, we throw away about 513,000 tonnes of plastic every year - this is around 8 billion bottles?!  8 million tonnes of plastc ends up in our oceans every year.  Marine-life ingest or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and death.

In our groups, we recycled plastic bottles and bags to create a range of art including plant and pencil pots, vases, flowers, bunting and art inspired by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.




Jennifer killick - Author Writing Workshops-January 2020

She's back!  After Jennifer's inspiring assembly last term, she has returned to get stuck into some creative writing with Y3 children and some selected children in other classes.  The words of one of our year three boys sums up the impact:

 "I've got so many great ideas."  (Ryan, class 3H)


What's behind this blocked up door?  

"I think there is a witch that lives in there and she makes her magic potions. The bin bags are full of the potions that didn't work."​

What do you think? ​


Fair Trade Bake Sale January 2020

What amazing cakes!  The year six pupils did an amazing job of baking the most superb cakes to help raise money towards their Harry Potter trip later this term. From baking to designing posters and serving cakes and refreshments to their parents, the children took ownership of this great annual event. Well done to everyone and thank you to all parents who supported the event. Mrs Branch can report that the victoria sandwich cake she ate was truly the best she has had ever had...and the jam tart was pretty amazing too. Well done! 



Christmas Carol Service at Emmanuel Church  2019
Our annual school  trip to the local church was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas in the peace and quiet of this lovely building. A big thank you to John Humpreys for his thought provoking Christmas message and a well done to all the amazing choir members, recorder players and narrators. You all did a wonderful job of representing our school!  Happy Christmas everyone! 


And on our return, these wonderful members of the kitchen team served us the most delicious Christmas lunch.  What an amazing team who work so hard all year round to make thousands of tasty and healthy meals for our children.  Thank you also to our wider staff team who all helped to make  the lunch fun and serve our pupils.  Best silly hat goes to.....? 


Christmas Jumper Fundraising Day -December 2019

We love a bit of fundraising at Sunnymede Juniors, especially when there is a competition for the most creative jumper too. We raised almost £500 in total to support one of our favourite charities, Save the Children! Well done to the competition winners. Have a look at their great outfits...


Christmas Production-December 2019

What a spectacular performance of Bethlehem B&B by each and every one of our pupils. A dazzling show! 






PTA Christmas Fair -December 2019

Thank you to the PTA for such a wonderful event, bringing community members together. Thank you to all families and friends who came along to make this special occasion. 


                Wonderful ex-pupil helpers                                       Packed to the rafters                                              Always time for a cheeky drink!



        Halima, PTA Chair, looking very official                                   Lovely headgear!                                    It's not Christmas without crackers       

                and Mrs Eades less so!        


​                 Concentration                             Surely I am going to win!                    What a cool dude!                Never too old to visit Santa...


                                         Love my new bear...                               Knitting fun                                  Recorders rock!

Parliament Week - November 2019

The school participated in parliament week this year, learning what demoaracy is, how parliament works and why it was important to vote.  During the week long event, we had a local councillor candidate lead an assembly explaining how an election works.  The lower school looked at how laws are made and had to persuade their class to vote for their new law.  The Upper school partitcipated in debates discussing issues that were important to them.​ 


Y3 Parents' Lunch - October 2019

We were delighted to have so many Mums, Dads and even Grandparents joining their children for lunch today!  Your children loved welcoming you to their new school so we hope you enjoyed yourself and the wonderful meals we provide for the children. I am sure you will agree that the spaghetti bolognese was delicious, along with the salad, fruit, yoghurts,  on offer.  freshly baked cookies and cakes.

Thank you for coming and thank you to our amazing kitchen staff for cooking lots of extra meals today!




Jennifer Killick Author Visit - 18th September 2019



'Memories of Sunnymede'  Assembly - July 2019

Memories of Sunnymede were filling the school hall on Wednesday 10th July.  Following a conversation with a parent, in September, regarding the ‘Old Sunnymede song’, I did a little research and we set about learning the old school song.  The person who wrote the song, Mr Hewitt, was my neighbour and his input was essential.  After months of practice, we invited Mr and Mrs Hewitt, a previous headteacher Mrs Malbourn, an ex-teacher Mrs Kettle and parents who were ex-Sunnymede pupils who remembered singing the song, to a special assembly.  The children sang the old song very well and I think Mr Hewitt enjoyed playing the piano again in assembly.  We heard memories from Mr Hewitt, Mrs Malbourn, Mrs Houghton and Miss Yates and then we sang our current Sunnymede song.  It was a lovely assembly, keeping the 60 years of Sunnymede celebrations alive. We received really moving letters from

ex-staff after the event to say what wonderful memo

ries the event brought back for them and how amazing our  school and pupils were!  What a lovely way to end our 60th year celebrations..... 



Year 6 100% Tea Party - July 2019

We were delighted to have 15 pupils in Year six with 100% attendance for the whole year. Well done! Many Year six pupis with improved attendance in the summer term were also celebrated.  We look forward to celebrating 100% attendance and improved attendance for the other year groups when they return in September. 


Grease - Y6 Leavers' Show - 16th July 2019

This really was the best show ever. Look at the smiles on all the performers' faces. Well done Year six; you did yourselves and the school proud









60th Birthday- Mosaic Art Project - July 2019

Children having fun making a new art installatoin for our playground to celebrate our school's 60th Birthday...​


Rock 'n' Roll Picnic - 8th July 2019

What a splendid day we had celebrating our school's 60th anniversary! Thank you to all our wonderful children, parents and staff who dressed up in their best 50's outfits and danced the afternoon away in style. It was wonderful to see everyone relaxing, having fun and enjoying each other's company in the sunshine. Thank you to everyone who took part!  

Here are a few photos to remind us of what an amazing day it was....  (more to follow)






Year 6

















Musical Soiree- April  2019

Parents, children, governors and staff had a wonderful evening listening to our fabulous musicians singing and playing to celebrate the school's 60th birthday. Performances were excellent - well done everyone and a particular thank you to Mrs Pye for organising the event and to our periatetic music teachers.







John Baron's visit to year 6- November 2018

Remembrance Day  November 2018

The school has worked hard making these beautiful poppies.  They have been put together to make a stunning display of a waterfall of poppies to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. 

Gardening Club

Gardening club have made a bug hotel in the wildlife area. We are hoping lots of insects and bugs will come to stay, then hibernate for the winter ! Come and have a look but don't disturb them.

Ex-Pupil David Gandy Visit - November 2018

We were really lucky, in our 60th annivaersay year, to have a visit from an ex-pupil, David Gandy. As part of the Achievement for All programme, he visited us, along with Sonia Blandford to reminisce on his time spent at the school and to talk to the children about the importance of education, attendance and perseverance. He enjoyed a school dinner with some of the pupils, a tour of the school and a question and answer session.  We hope David wil inspire our children to demonstrate our school values and believe in the value of hard work and determination to achieve their goals. 








NSPCC Assembly

Y6 Kingswood Residential  - September 2018

Friday Morning Photos - rocket launching: 



Thursday Evening Update: 

It has been a lovely afternoon in the sunshine, continuing with our jam-packed programme. There has not been much time for rest! Activities have included launching water bottle rockets (and getting rather wet in the process!), orienteering, problem solving (working as a team to get from one place to the next using planks or tyres) and aeroball (basketball on a trampoline). 

Tonight’s dinner menu featured macaroni cheese, meatballs with creamy gravy or chicken stir fry all served with rice and corn on the cob. This was followed by American pancakes with maple syrup or berries. 

The children are currently getting ready for tonight’s disco which they are very excited about! It has made a change to get out of grubby clothes and get all dressed up! I think there will be plenty of washing to do this weekend!  The children are really looking forward to coming home tomorrow and seeing their families. 

Thursday Afternoon Update: It is another glorious day of blue skies and sunshine. We have been so lucky to have such beautiful weather this week to be able to really enjoy being outside. 

The day’s activities so far have been great fun with more up in the air challenges such as zip wire and leap of challenge for some groups. Again, children showed such bravery - taking a leap from a very high post to try to grab a trapeze.

Another activity has been Nightline where children have moved carefully across a low level obstacle course while blindfolded. They had to put their trust in others who were leading the way.

Lunch consisted of beef burgers, Quorn taco boats, BBQ pork wraps all served with potato wedges and peas as well as the usual jacket potatoes with cheese and beans. We have certainly not gone hungry this week! 

Wednesday Evening Update: 

It has been an action packed afternoon and evening!

Some children experienced the high equilibrium activity, scaling up a tall climbing pole (with a safety harness and rope) to get to the seasaw, which was incredibly high.  Once two children had carefully climbed onto the seasaw, they balanced themselves on this and carried out some actions.  There was even a bit of flossing going on!  This was a challenging and risk taking task to accomplish and, although many were rather scared, they showed such determination and bravery.  They were they relieved to get back down on the ground but very proud of themselves.  The Sunnymede staff were so amazed at their bravery!  For those who chose to only go halfway up, even this was an achievement as they have grown in confidence, taking risks that they might not have done at the start of the week.

More team work followed, with groups building chariots out of large wooden components, following a set of instructions.  This finished with children taking it in turns to ride the chariot being pulled along by two children. All great fun!

Other groups participated in shelter building, going into the small woodland area and gathering a variety of branches to make wigwam style shelters.  These looked very impressive and, again, the children showed brilliant teamwork and creative skills.

Everyone ate well at dinner tonight.  Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, vegan pie, teriyaki pork noodles, all served with roast potatoes and vegetables.  Dessert was chocolate waffle and custard which, again,  the children enjoyed.  

The day finished with a campfire, singing lots of action songs and making lots of noise! All the children are now in bed, many falling asleep quickly after all the action today!




Wednesday Lunchtime Update: 



Tuesday 6:00 pm Update: 

I have had a wonderful day at Kingswood with the children. I arrived to a group of children who were very excited to have had a full English breakfast on weekday morning and left to a group of children so excited as they were about to go swimming. The activities have been amazing and I have just uploaded a number of photos to the gallery page of the school website so you can see for yourself. As you will see, there have been plenty of opportunities for children to take measured risks, fly high and work as a team. I have been so very proud of them; what has stood out is how often I saw children encouraging and supporting each other throughout the day. So many children have tried things they didn't think they would and were delighted that they did (growth mindset in action).! The weather has been amazing and the grounds are lovely. I do think you are going to have some very happy but exhausted children being returned to you on Friday! Have a lovely evening.

Kind regards,

Mrs Branch










Monday 10:00 pm Update: We have enjoyed our first evening at Grosvenor Hall and everyone has settled in really well.  After an early dinner of beef or vegetarian lasagne, buttermilk chicken, potato wedges and sweetcorn/peas mix, we began the week's programme of activities. 

Two groups did the zip wire which involved three children whizzing down three wires all at the same time!   The other two groups did the 3G swing, involving two children swinging on a giant swing at the height they were brave enough to go.  It was all brilliant fun! What a way to kickstart this year's residential!
The evening was rounded off all together with the Scrapheap Challenge, working in teams to create cardboard shields to defend themselves from the deluge of water bombs thrown by instructors and Sunnymede staff!  

All the children are in bed, worn out from the fresh air, walking at Leeds Castle and all the excitement  from arriving at Grosvenor Hall!

Monday 3pm update:  The children have arrived at Kingswood and are very excited to be there.  They have enjoyed their time at Leeds Castle and are really looking forward to all that is planned for them this week. Mrs Branch will be visiting Grosvenor Hall tomorrow to check they are all having lots of fun. She will report back on her return! 

The party has arrived safely at Leeds Castle and the children are already having a great time, exploring mazes and such!  After a miserable weekend of wind and rain, we are delighted that the sun is shining for them; long may it continue!


100% Attendance Tea Party - September 2018

Congratulations to all our children who achieved 100% attendance for the academic year 2017-18. They were rewarded with a 'grown up' tea party. Well done to all of you! 

Who can make 100% atenance this year, so you can get an invite to next year's tea party? 


Y3 Lunch with Parents - September 2018

Our Y3 pupils have done an amazing job of settling in to their new school. It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and even older brothers joining their Y3 child for lunch today. They enjoyed a delicious gammon roast with chocoate brownies and fruit for dessert. For those parents who, you cannot come to lunch every day!  We are glad you enjoyedy our visit today though....




Open Evening and Art Exhibition July 2018

All our pupils have been busy creating amazing art work ready for our art exhibition. Can you tell what artist each year group used as the inspiration for their work?


Year Four




Year Six



Year Three


Year Five













Year Six Leavers' Production 2018

​Our Year six pupils did an amazing job with their end of year show, 'Olivia', based on Charles Dickens' Oliver. The singing, acting and dancing scenes were all fabulous, as were the costumes. Our stage managers also did a great job of ensuring everything ran as smooth as clockwork. Well done Year six and we wish you all the very best for secondary school. Well done and thank you! 








Sports Day and Ice-Cream 2018



PTA Summer Fayre - July 2018




Growth Mindset House Morning

​We had a brillant morning where we got to develop our growth mindset.  We got to learn new skills, learn how our brain works and how to develop and improve our memories.



We also got to face our fears, including the adults!!!!



Basildon Police Football Rally -May 2018


Maths Workshops for Parents - April 2018

We had fantastic attendance at our Maths workshops this week. It was lovely to see so many Mums, Dads and even grandparents sharing in their children's learning. Pupils across the school showed them the strategies they use in school to help them solve Maths calculations and problems and also how to use the resources in school to help understand Maths processes. The children were excellent teachers and helped the adults understand a little more how Maths has changed since they were at school! 

Resources used at the workshops can be found below. Please click on the relevant resouces below.

Addition - Progression in written methods

Subtraction - Progression in written methods​

Multiplication - Progression in written methods

Division - Progression in written methods

Workshop Presentation Powerpoint​

Year 3 workshop resources​ 

Year 4 workshop  

Year 5 / 6 workshop resources 

Year Three



Year Four



Years Five and Six


Year 4 Djembe Drumming Workshops - March 2018


This term, Year 4 children have been taught to play the djembe drum by our regular tutor, Liam Grey.  This service,  which is provided by Essex Music Service, is such a brilliant opportunity for the children, who benefit greatly from the Liam's drumming expertise.  Their enthusiasm and excitement is very clear to see in every session and they performed perfectly in their performance to their families.  

BSMA Music Festival at The Towngate Theatre - March 2018

Once again, our pupils did us proud. Not only did our choir members, readers and instrumentalists perform really well on stage, they did us really proud behind the scenes as well.   While back stage at the theatre, our children's behaviour was, yet again,  absolutely impeccable and they were a joy to take to the music festival. Our choir sang an eclectic  range of songs to celebrate the various countries around the world, supported fabulously by our wonderful instrumntalists. Erin and Freya W did excellent solo readings to a packed house and Freya V and  Hope wowed with their singing in the small choir.  The BSMA is a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to showcase their talent but it is also a great opportunity to work in partnership with choirs from our local schools. We thank Mrs Pye for co-ordinating the event, with he help of Mrs Oliver. Well done everyone, children, parents and staff!




​                                 Freya  reading to a packed audience -                       Our wonderful choir back stage ofter the show,

                                   excellent public speaking!

Anti-Racism Workshops - March 2018

 In partnership with Southend United Educational Trust, our Year 4 and 5 pupils had a day of anti-racism themed workshops led by the educational charity, 'Show Racism the Red Card'. This workshop explored issues of diversity and linked perfectly with our school values of respect and tolerance. The children watched a video of people who had suffered racism and the impact it has had on their lives. In the film, Ryan Giggs, footballer, talked about how he suffered racism in his younger years. This workshop followed on prefectly from our recent assembly on respecting difference and understanding disability. The children went on to have class based workshops and a sport related workshop to explore the theme of diversity more closely. At Sunnymede Junior School, we value every child and their differences. It's what makes this school so fabulous! Click the image below to find out more about the work of this educational charity working to stamp out racism. 


Click here for more information 



Book Week - March 2018

Excuse the pun but we 'kicked' off Book Week today with a whole school assembly with the author of KICK, Mitch Johnson.


Mitch engaged all the children with a fantastic presentation about his debut novel,which focuses on the experience of  Budi, a teenage boy who works in a factory in Indonesia making football boots, as well as being a big football fan himself. The children were able to ask Mitch questions about his experiences of being an author but also learnt about the themes of equality and human rights, including the work of Amnesty International. The children looked at the shoes they were wearing during assembly and were surprised to discover that almost all their shoes were made in Indonesia or the following countries...


​The children discovered many interesting facts about 'sweat shops' through a quiz and  by listening to extracts from Mitch's  book. 

Did you know that......

it takes 2,000 litres of water to manufacture one cotton t-shirt​

for a pair of football boots costing £100, the person in the factory who made them would earn between 1 pence and 3 pence in total

it would have taken Budi, the central character in Kick, 20,000 years to earn the yearly salary of a top footballer

Do you think this is right and fair? Why? ​


                                                A competition to see who could assemble a                 Mitch reading extracts from his novel

                                              pair of football boots the quickest. Malaika won!   .


                                                                 Assembly in full swing!                         Mitch signing his book and reading stories written 

                                                                                                                                           by our budding young authors


Mitch chatting to our pupils over lunch

Mitch's advice to all our pupils was to "read as much as you can, read more and it will make you a a stronger and more passionate person". We think that is great advice!​

Later in the day, a group of Y5 and Y6​ pupils had workshops to develop their creative writing skills, using a range of artefacts as a starting point.  Mitch have the children lots of tips for developing their writing, for example,  likening a character to an animal to bring it alive for the reader.  Mitch also gave the children a leaflet with more tips. Click on the image below to dwnload.  Miitch also talked about the skill of being able to link something sinister with  something humorous.   The childen enjoyed the workshop so much, summed up by Jamie's  comment,  "I don't want to go; I want to stay here all 

day and keep going".




​Below are some of the childen's opening lines to their writing based on the artefacts they explored:


I opened the door to a stranger.​   Adam Z, Y5

Peter Strange was never late...​   Evie , Y5

It was a quiet night. Until that one harpoon hit Hiccup.​   James, Y5

He was asleep, until he heard beeping underneath. It startled him.  .​   Thomas, Y5

SLAP! Zaher's face went slap down into the murky, brown water .​   Adam B, Y5

With a loud crack of lightning, Olivia woke up.​   Aimee, Y5

I opened the door. I know I shouldn't have.​   

Oh no - the watch has stopped! .​   Katy, Y5

The man called Bill has a pocket watch, which is actually an eye watching over him .​   James, Y5​

The man had a cursed ring .​   Jamie, Y5​

"Who's home?" asked Bill, waiting for a response.​   Jake, Y5​

Noah Strange never let his pocket watch out of sight .​   Malaika, Y5​

Harry Black's nickname is The Killer, for good reason .​   Jamie, Y​5

"What's that?" asked Mrs Deem. For Mr Deem had just entered the small  holding a golden stop watch. ​   Jamie, Y​5

Fog and mist spread over the tip tops of the mountains .​   Harry, Y​5

Operation Christmas Child - December 2017

Last year we donated 82 shoeboxes to some of the poorest children around the world to ensure they received a Christmas present. This year we set ourselves a target of 100 boxes. As a school, we produced 121 shoeboxes this year; an amazing achievement. The team who came to pick up the boxes were thrilled with how many boxes we had donated and stated we were the only school in Billericay to have donated more shoeboxes than last year. A massive thank you to everyone for helping with this, including Pupil Parliament who helped to promote this event. Children, who will receive nothing this Christmas except these boxes, will gratefully receive them.


Growth Mindset Workshop - September 2017

Thank you to all parents, staff and governors who attended our wonderful Growth Mindset evening, following the pupil workshops during the day. We had some excellent feedback and it really gave some 'food for thought' in thinking about how we can encourage our children to approach learning and life through a growth rather than a fixed mindset.  Check out our some photos from the evening, including the wonderful edible 'cheese tree' made by Liz Dillon.



Our Growth Mindset cheese tree! 

​Farewell to Mr Gamble - July 2017

At 92 years old, Mr Gamble  is surely the oldest reading vounteer in the country!    Sadly for all the children and staff at Sunnymede, Mr Gamble has finally decided that 

it is time to hang up his suit and have a rest. Mr Gamble has read with almost every pupil in the school during the many years he has spent volunteeing at the school. Mr Gamble had a wonderful send-off, with a tea party planned  epecially for him by Mrs Lyon and the pupils. We will all miss you Mr Gamble!



Governor Awards - July 2017

All of our Y6 pupils have been a credit to us this year and have worked very hard. Each year, however, our governors present wards to pupils who have stood out for making particulrly good progress or effort in key areas of learning. Well done to our winners this year.







Year Six Leavers' Show 'Let Loose' - July 2017

Our year 6 pupils did us proud again this year, performing another amazing play called ‘Let Loose’. Here are some photos...













Twenty Y5 pupils attended Billericay School on Friday 14th July to participate in a fun French Quiz.  The children answered questions and solved puzzles using their French knowledge and I am delighted to report we won the event!  In the past, we have come second or third so this was a fantastic result. You can see from the photo how proud all the children were and what an impressive trophy they won.  Congratulations to all those who took part!


Musical Soiree - June 2017

​A fantastic evening for all.  Pupils from all year groups performed a variety of instruments, including, cello, volin, piano and guitar to parents and guests.  The pupils did a wonderful job and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

Well done to everyone who performed, you had all clearly worked hard.


A special thank you and well done to Mrs Branch who played the piano.  She has been working hard to improve her skills and showed what you can achieve if you persevere.

Cello Rehearsals - June 2017

Check out our wonderful cellists reheasring this morning. We are looking forward to hearing them play at our musical soiree later this Tmonth!

Matt Mackman Artist in Residence visit - May 2017

On the week commencing 15th May, we were lucky enough to have an artist, Matt Mackman, visit our school. Matt worked with a selected group of children to create a mural in the wildlife area, using the motto homework designs. The children spent the week creating the mural, using a variety of media, including spray paints! As the photos below show, the children had a fantastic week developing their creativity skills alongside Matt!


What do you think of our new motto, which we voted for as a whole school in a very democratic process......


And can you think of a time this week when you demonstrated one or more of our new values....

Determination   Honesty

Independence    Respect

Responsibility      ​Tolerance

These values are important to us and we aim to uphold these values every day in everything we do. don't forget! 

And can you think of a time this week when you demonstrated one or more of our new values....

Determination   Honesty

Independence    Respect

Responsibility      ​Tolerance

These values are important to us and we aim to uphold these values every day in everything we do. don't forget! 

Southend United Community Cup

On May 16th, eight of our year 6 boys participated in a tournament at Roots Hall Stadium in Southend. In total, 18 teams took part, with 3 groups of 6 teams competing on the pitch. The boys played fabulously, scoring some great goals, saving some difficult shots and defending with passion and great determination. Unfortunately, only 1 team per group progressed to the semi-final and we came third in our group. However, the winner of our group went on to win the tournament and the boys stayed to cheer the team on.  ​


 ​ A sunny afternoon and ice lollies on the field- a fantastic way for our year 6 pupils to unwind after all the hard work they put into SATs week!

BSMA Music Festival March 2017

Thank you to our fabulous choir for taking part at the BSMA music festival this week. The theme this year was 'Food, Glorious Food' and the choir sang wonderfully alongside other schools to impress the large audience at the Towngate Theatre. Our orchestra  members also excelled themselves, as did Corin and Melody who tap danced​ during the show, choreoraphing all their own moves.   Thank you to our parents who supported this wonderful annual event.

We had a wonderful day today, celebrating the joy of books. It was fabulous to see nearly every child in the school dressing up as a
 favourite book character. Best costume winners were chosen from each class and came up and shared thair favoutite book 
with the rest of the  school in a special assembly. The day was filled with lots of fabulous book related activities to develop children's thinking
and responses to books whilst having fun. Thank you to all staff and children for dressing up and to parents who helped to ensure this was a day for hildren to remember.

Congratulations to our World Book Day competition winners!

Thank you to all our staff who love any excuse to dress up!

Where's Wally?

January 2017

Science Week​

The whole school was engaged in a wide variety of activities​ ranging from making constructions with paper or marshmallows and spaghetti

to observing chemical changes while cooking.

Sharing Christmas Lunch Together

Our fabulous kitchen staff prepared a wonderful Christmas lunch for us all to share. Thank you for all your hard work!​





Our Choir singing at Anisha Grange Care Home

Our wonderful choir paid a visit to the residents of Anisha Grange, spreading some festive cheer in the local community.


Our Christmas Production (Santa's On Strike)

Year 6 cast members





 This year's Christmas show was yet another wonderful performance by the children of Sunnymede Junior School, with amazing singing and acting from everyone. We are so proud of all our children and hope they have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. 













16th November 2016

Y3 Lunch with Parents

It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and grandparents of our year three pupils today at lunchtime. It was lovely to see you all enjoying a delicious roast dinner with your child. Thank you for coming and thank you to the kitchen staff for accommodating so many parents. ​

























On the 19th July, the year 6 pupils had a fantastic, fun-filled day at Hadleigh Country Park!  Activities included shelter building, parkouring, orienteering and mountain biking​.  There was even a BBQ for lunch!  Well done for all your achievements this year, you certainly earned your reward day!


Year 6 moved their parents and staff to tears with their hilarious Year 6 performance - Lights, Camera Action! They worked so hard and put on such a wonderful show!  Well done to you all!



Year 6 had a wonderful trip to the Startford Olympic Park, linked to our studies of how the Olympics began in ancient Greece.  After exploring the park, rolling down some hills and eating lunch, the time came to experience the longest, tunnel slide in Europe! It was fast, fun and full of excited screams.  We loved it! 


Author Visit - Jack Trelawney

On Friday 8th July, Jack visited all the pupils at Sunnymede Juniors and the Year 2 pupils from Sunnymede Infants.  He shared tips for creating characters and starting stories with us.  We then had the opportunity to meet him and get his Kernowland book series signed by him in our School Library.  Our favourite part was laughing at the odd hybrid​ animals that he showed us.  Perhaps you could create your own at home!


On 21st June, six of our year five girls attended a football tournament in Basildon. It was the first time the girls had ever played a full football match and they were understandably nervous but extremely excited. All 6 girls played fantastically and ended the afternoon with 2 draws, 1 loss and 7 wins! An amazing result! We are incredibly proud of this result and will be entering a girls football league next year because of this! Well done to all involved and a special mention to Mrs Morris and Mrs Pye, who accompanied the girls, and the parent helpers who volunteered to transport the children. 


June 2016​

Creative Arts Week gave the pupils of Sunnymede Junior School the opportunity to spend a whole week using their imaginations, problem solving and art skills.  It also gave them the opportunity to work with different peers together as a team.  Using the Spanish animated film ​'El Caminante' as a stimulus, pupils explored film literacy and created 3D sculptures.  We really enjoyed it!  If you missed out on viewing our masterpieces in our Art Gallery, look out for several displays at our open evening in July!


Recently, the whole school has been involved in an Enterprise project​.  

Each year group came up with a different idea to raise money.

In Year 4, the children decided that the best idea was to hold a talent show.  They were right, as altogether they made just over £200!​

Many children auditioned and with Ruby's help, Mr Bigland and Mrs Hathaway were able to decide on the acts to perform in the live final!

   Congratulations to all the children who performed in an exciting and varied show!​  You were all amazing- thank you!

After much deliberation, our judges Mr Burgess, Miss Hicks and Mrs Bicheno decided on their top three.  

Well done to Melody (Year 5) with her beautiful lyrical dance and to Jasmine (Year 6) with 'The Cup Song',  who were the runners up. 

First place went to Lewis (Year 6) who is a very talented drummer! 


11th May 2016

Conratulations to our tag rugby team who came second in the tournament today!  Technically, they came first. Unfortunately, the rules are such that a school is not allowed to come first unless there is at least one girl in the team. We are really proud of the team. Thank you to Mr Evans and Mr Tait for training them so well. Thank you also to Mrs Morris who accompanied the pupils and to all our parents who kindly pulled together to ensure the pupils could attend this tournament! Most of all, well done boys!

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Sunnymede Juniors celebrated the Queen's very special birthday with a themed lunch, which the pupils throughly enjoyed.  

We were honoured to receive a visit from the Queen!​






"It's better to aim high and miss than aim low and hit."​

As part of our Aspiration Week we were really lucky to have a range of visitors and volunteers give up their free time to come in and lead assemblies and workshops.  Below are some photos of the visitors we had, these included a scientist, a doctor, a fashion designer, a volunteer dog trainer and firemen.  They each spoke to us about their career, the skills they needed to do their job and how focusing hard at a young age is vital for a good career.  We also got to ask them lots of questions.

Who was your favourite visitor and why?
Which visitor inspired you the most and why?
How did Aspiration Week make you think about your future?​


If you work hard and persevere, there are some hobbies than can turn into careers. If you enjoy arts and crafts, you could become an artist or if you like writing, you could become an author. The world is your oyster! Mrs Hervey came into school and worked with a group of children to

 create this stunning piece of art work using batik.  Mrs Hervey is an artist. 

 Why do you think we chose to represent an eagle?

Do you have a hobby that could become a career one day?

​Can you explain to someone you live with the process of batik work?

   As part of aspiration week, some groups of children discussed the range of jobs that photographers do.  They recognised that photographers work in journalism, advertising and  the fashion industry.  They knew that photography is important to document the world around us from sporting events, to parties and weddings as well as to record the variety of wildlife and the wonders of the natural world. 


 In small groups, the children took photographs, uploaded them onto laptops and used Paint.NET to edit their images.

The results ​were really impressive.  

Do you have a favourite photograph? If yes, why is it your favourite?​







          Well done everybody.  Thank you for your hard work- I really enjoyed my afternoon with you.

          Mrs Hathaway​

Animator and Game Designer

Miss Kneller ran some animation and game designing workshops.  These workshops made us think about how games, cartoons and digital films are made, e.g. Disney Pixar films.  The children explored Scratch, a coding programme where they learnt how to right code to make animations come to life, including making them move, talk and add sound.  The end products were really impressive but it wasn’t easy.  We realised that to get coding right you have to play around with it and debug algorithms to ensure the computer does exactly what you want it to.   

Remember you can always download Scratch at home and make games or stories on your own computer!

Would you like to be a computing animator when you’re older?
What skills do you think you need to be a computer game designer?


Spring 2016​



During our special World Book Day Assembly, school staff members shared their favourite childhood books with all Sunnymede pupils...


Year 6​

In Year 6 we celebrated World Book Day by acting out a book that Mrs Bicheno read to us.  We also played '20 questions' with famous book characters and we shared our own favourite childhood books with our class.


What is your favourite childhood book?​

Class 5H

5H really enjoyed World Book Day (especially dressing in our PJs!). In the morning, some of us went to 5T and some of us were joined in our classroom by members of 4H. We (year 5) teamed up witha  year 4 child and showed our favourite book that we brought in and read parts of the book to each other. We found that there were lots of genres of books that were shown. Most excitingly, Gianna shared one her her books and read some to us...the interesting thing was that it was in Romanian! Fascinating. In the afternoon, Miss Hicks read us part of a Harry Potter book and we had to act the scene out in groups of 5. However, we had to think carefully about how the character we were playing felt at different points of the scene because when Miss Hicks yelled "FREEZE!" we had to tell the class how we were feeling and why. Have a look at our pictures below. 


Class 3M

We really enjoyed world book day, particularly as we were able to share our favourite books with each other. We also had some awesome onesies that we were wearing! Our favourite part was being able to read with year 6 because we were able to make new friends and recommend some new books to other people. We also read part of some books that we are now desperate to read! We had a great day overall and can't wait for the next one. See some photos of us below: