November 2016

Ghana Day

Year 4 had an amazing  time learning about Ghana. Having visited Ghana myself, I found great pleasure answering 4B's questions related to the country. The children researched Ghana's cultural and physical features, including their languages, family life, traditions, climate and physical features. Having gained an understanding of some of the cultural differences between Ghana and our own, year 4 wrote christmas letters to our partner school, sharing interesting information for Ghanian children their own age to read. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed designing and making their own Ghana inspired art piece. Here are a few photos of the children's creative minds at work.  


As part of the ongoing link to our school in Ghana, 5H participated in another Ghana day. In the morning, Miss Lee taught us all about Christmas celebrations in Ghana and we listened to a Ghanaian song. Click on the picture below to listen to it the song!


We wrote some letters to the children in Ghana, telling them all about our Christmas traditions. Here are a few we came up with;

- Decorating the tree in December, 

- Opening stocking presents as soon as we wake up, 

- A special Christmas breakfast,

- Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, 

- Watching the Queen's speech.

How many more can you think of?

Do you take part in any of the traditions we thought of?​

We have recently made international links with Asamang Roman Catholic School in Ghana.  This is part of our commitment to developing a global dimension to our school.  We have already taken part in a project where the school councillors created a scrap book which represented 'A Day in the Life at Sunnymede Junior School'.  This has been sent to Ghana and, in return, we received a package full of handwritten letters, a beaded necklace, a video and letters.  The pupils at Sunnymede were excited about the package and making friends with pupils from another continent.


We regularly receive emails from the Headteacher to tell us about what the children are learning.  Below is a collection of the photographs and emails that are shared with pupils.



Asamang Roman Catholic School, Ghana


Meet the pupils at Asamang Roman Catholic School.  As you can see they also wear a school uniform as they are proud to be part of their school just like we are.  What similarities and differences can you see compared to Sunnymede Junior School?





At Sunnymede Junior School, we come into school and prepare by sitting and listening for our name on the register and complete an activity, whereas in Asamang Roman Catholic School, they clean their compound before starting school.  This way the environment in clean and tidy before the pupils learn.




Just like at Sunnymede, the children learn how to read and write.  Here are some photographs of the younger children practising the alphabet.





In November, the children had to have a deworming vaccination just like when we had our flu vaccinations.  Vaccinations are important because they keep children healthy by protecting them against harmful diseases.


How did you feel before you had your flu vaccination? Do you think these children would feel the same?




In December, Asamang Roman Catholic School participated in the yearly district farmers' day.

The students acted a play relating to the theme 'Eat What You Grow'.  This is a time where the local farmers present samples of their farm produce.


These photographs were taken in December; what do you notice about the weather? Is it the same as in England?


The people are wearing traditional Ghanaian clothing, what do you notice about them?






Have you ever wondered what money in Ghana looks like?

Money in Ghana is called Ghana cedi.  As you can see, it looks very familiar to British money.  The value is on one side and an image of an important person is on the other side.


 Do we have notes for the same values as these?



Ghana received our package!!!

On Friday 23rd January 2015, Asamang Roman Catholic School received our special package that included our 'Day in the Life at Sunnymede' scrap book, letters, games and much more.   They were overwhelmed by how wonderful it is and can't believe how hard the School Councillors have worked this year.


The head teacher emailed Miss Kneller to say how  impressed he was with children at Sunnymede.  Here are some photographs of the children reading our letters.




In PSHE, 5K created board games based on snakes and ladders.  The games included different scenarios based on school, such as 'You have done your homework, go forward 3 spaces' or 'You got caught swinging on our chair, go back 1 space'. 5K enjoyed making these so much they wanted to share them with the children in Ghana.   As you can see, children in Ghana enjoy games too.




The children in Ghana sent us a beautiful handmade African necklace so we sent them lots of loom band bracelets.  As a small gift, we also sent two loom band sets so the children could make their own.



Finally, here are some photographs of the children looking through the scrap book.




On Friday 30th March, Sunnymede Junior School held 'Ghana Day', and Asamang Roman Catholic School held 'England Day.


At Sunnymede, we decided to come to school dressed in colours from the Ghana flag - red, yellow or green.  We then participated in English or Geography based activities in the morning and an Art/DT activity in the afternoon, including cooking, designing our own adrinka print and making necklaces.  A display showing what a fantastic day we had will be popping up around school soon.  You may even see some of your work or photographs of you working.


In Ghana, they learnt about England, including where it is in the world and famous places in England, including London.  They also looked at how our money is similar to theirs. Below are some photographs of the children celebrating.




22nd February 2015


Just like us, Asamang Roman Catholic School have themed weeks.  This week was Catholic Week.  For this, the children took part in fun activities and visited the local Catholic church and read pages from the holy bible.




6th March 2015


In Ghana, each year they celebrate Independence Day.  This is a day where people remember their forefathers who struggled to free Ghana from colonialism.    During this day, the children gathered together and march in honour of the leaders.  On this day, the present leader of the country gives advice to everyone on how to live in harmony.  Can you think of days we celebrate like this in England?  Can you spot the school's special flag?




March 2015 - HORRAY! Asamang Roman Catholic School participated in a football gala.  They played other schools in their area.  They won two matches and emailed us these fantastic photographs.  Do you think they look proud?




To celebrate Easter we held an Easter competition where the PTA chose winners from each class.  In Ghana, the children at Asamang Roman Catholic School took part in a celebration on Good Friday.  Here are some photographs of their special day.