Here are this year's Parent in Partnership representatives  for 2016-17. Please do speak to them in the playground if you would like any items added to the agenda for our meetings. Please remember agenda items must only be about whole school policy and procedures, not matters related to individual teachers or children; these should be addressed with the class teacher themselves in the first instance and then with the year group or phase group leader if there are on-going concerns.


The school office will always pass on a message to them if you do not come to collect your child from school or if you cannot seem to locate them in the playground.




From  left to right : Mrs Moffat (Class 4H), Justine Dacey (Class 6G), Suzanne Kelly (Class 6HP), Mrs Leah Rogers (Class 6B), 

Mrs Hayley Quarrell  (Class 3H)




 From left to right: Mrs Chapman (class 5C),Mrs Ruth Coppell (Class 4B) Mrs Kerrry Vickers (class 5H), 

                                                                                     Mrs Chrissie Sains - awaiting photo (class 3B) 

Parent in Partnership Meeting Minutes:


If you would like to make contact with one of the parent representatives, please refer to the notice board just outside the main entrance of the school. Their photographs will be displayed shortly and they can be approached if you would like any matters to be raised at the next meeting.


PIP minutes May 2017

PIP minutes November 2016

PIP Minutes May 2016

PIP Minutes March 2016​

PIP Minutes January 2016 

PIP 4 Minutes 140113


PIP 5 Minutes 040313


PIP 6 Minutes 220413 final


PIP 7 Minutes 170613 final


PIP Minutes 291113


PIP Minutes 6th Nov 2014


PIP Minutes 3 Feb 2015


PIP Minutes 16th April 2015


PIP Minutes 29th June 2015