Sculptor visit (Darcy Turner - June 2016)


I liked that we took our sculpting skills further and embraced it! - Preston, Year 4.

I really enjoyed myself, I liked cutting and joining the wires. - Anna, Year 3.

I liked learning how to use new tools and it was a really clever way to cut the metal. - Sonny, Year 3.

I enjoyed structuring the models, it was fun, a bit different and I got to see what other people are capable of. - Leyla, Year 6.​

Cooking club (spring term)

I learnt how to cook and cut onions, tomatoes and peppers and many other things. - Michelle, Year 4.

I loved eating my cheese fajita- mmm! - Izzy, Year 5.

My first time at cooking club was awesome! We made fajitas which I have never tried before. Also I learnt how to cut a pepper. I can't wait to cook more. - Fia, Year 5.

Year 3 Gymnastics (3M) - The Billericay School

I really enjoyed balancing on the benches and jumping off the mini trampolines. - Eleanor, Year 3.

​It was really really fun and my favourite part was when we went on the trampoline. - Gracie B, Year 3.

​The gymnastics was great and I really like the trampolines. - Maisie, Year 3.

​I really liked the climbing bars because you could go up them and do a pose at the top. - Charlie P, Year 3.

​It was pretty cool because I had never done it before at my old school, so it was my first experience of doing it. - Jack, Year 3.


World Book Day

​I enjoyed World Book Day because we got to read to the Year 3's and we have inspired them to read some more challenging books. - Emma, Year 6.

I liked when Mrs Bicheno read her favourite childhood book and then we acted the story out. - Will, Year 6.

I really enjoyed guessing the book character and wearing my onesie. - Jessie, Year 6.​

The thing that I enjoyed about World Book Day was reading our favourite books in our PJs! - Elena, Year 6.


Green Club (Spring term)

I like that we learn different things about nature. - Chloe, Year 6.

I come to Green Club because I like making all of the stuff and it's awesome! - Sonny, Year 3.

I like Green Club because we are really doing things! - Daniel, Year 4​




Netball club​ - March 2016

Netball is an exciting game I love. I like intercepting above all. Although I am not a very good shooter, I like to pass and be a centre. I am keen to play netball as it is a thrilling game and I recommend it to boys and girls, children and adults alike.
- By Vlad (year 6)

​Netball is an exciting, fast paced game. I like to play many different positions including GA (goal attack), GS (goal shooter) and C (centre). Many will enjoy playing netball and soon we are recruiting members of year 4. I would definitely recommend netball to boys and girls. 

- by Emma (year 6)

Anyone can do it as long as they have courage!

- By Kayla (year 6)

​Netball is really fun to play. Even though you have to remember your positions, after you have been a while, you would know the positions off by heart. I would recommend netball to everyone, even boys. 

-By Mia (year 5)

​Netball club- with Miss Hicks- is on at 3.15 to 4.15 after school. Although some people think it's a dull sport, actually it is extremely exciting and fast moving when you are involved. There are the following positions: GA, GS, C, GD, GK. At the start of the match, you choose your position. However, you may not always be on the same team as your friends. 

-By Phoebe (year 6)​.

​Netball is an amazing game and I enjoy playing it every week with all my friends. I like how we all play in positions (e.g. GA, GS, C, GD, and GK) and how it is always exciting.

-By Melissa (year 6)

Girls' Football Club​ - January 2016

My experience in girls football with Ricky, well, I won't lie, it's great! I have learnt loads of new tricks and I am sure I've got lots more to come. I think that I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you Miss Hicks, it was a great idea. I have learnt to play a match, head the ball and lots, lots more.

By Sadie 

I have really enjoyed football so far. I have had great fun playing with my friends and also making new ones. I have learnt some new skills like a velo pass, twist turn and many more!  I've also improved on some things like header, accuracy of pass and some mental things like not being a bad loser! I like the teacher Ricky as he can adjust to any level. I like all the kids there too as they're all kind. I also like finding out who achieves 'player of the week' ! Ricky lets whoever got it last week choose a new winner. I haven't had it yet but I'm trying to get it as hard as I can! Overall, it's just really fun and I hope it carries on and I get a place next year. Fingers crossed! 

By Meg in 4H ​

This letter is about my experience at girls' football club so far. It is a very enjoyable club. If you have a daughter that wants to do sports but does not know what sport, this is a great opportunity for her!  Ricky is the man who teaches us (he has also taught lots of other clubs like gymnastics).  Ricky will give us a ball to practise our dribbling skills and sometimes will say a number and we will do a skill.

Usually Ricky will split us into groups and we will play a game of football with a few changes, like no goalie! We may also play some passing games or something like that. And don't worry, you get a break!  ​

By Malaika​

Football is fun because we get to learn fun things. We pass the ball to each other and we get to ​wear shin pads and choose our own partner. The things I like are when we get to do hard things like kick the ball really fast but that means we need to practise a lot.

By Lilia in Year 3 ​


John Baron's Visit to Year 6 -  December 2015

John Baron is the MP for Billericay. When he came in to our school he started to talk about what he does at work and what he does in Parliament. John did not talk about it too much but was really interested in our questions.  Firstly, someone asked him, "Why did you want to be an MP?" He responded, "I was in the army first and then worked in the city and I've always loved politics so I joined Parliament." I asked him if the benches were comfy and he said that they are really comfy  as they sometimes have to sit there all day.  I really enjoyed talking to John Baron and am really glad he came into our school.

By Ava in ​Year 6