The children listened to ‘The three little wolves’ in 4C - a twist on the traditional Three little pigs tale. The children found the story amusing, particularly when the big bad pig attempted to knock down the little wolves’ house with a pneumatic drill and dynamite!

The children then retold the story through a comic strip, using features such as onomatopoeia, speech and thought bubbles



Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson


In class 4H, the children listened to the first chapter of this book.  They discussed the dramatic way the chapter finishes- a real cliff-hanger!

The children then discussed their impressions of the 2 main characters and their friendship.  In groups, they then completed a 'Role on the Wall' activity where they thought about what they definitely knew about either Jade or Vicky from the text and what they could infer about them.



The children who came to class 3S looked at a page from the book, 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick' by Chris Van Allsburg. All they had to go by was the picture and an extract, with which Miss Mitchell asked them to decide what they thought had happened. There were some very creative ideas from: doves escaping to follow their partner, doves being sent into the room as a robbers spy and landing on the wall, to zombies that appeared and aliens that sent doves down to earth - we are a very creative bunch! The children then decided how they would like to present their thoughts to the rest of the group and Miss Mitchell was impressed even further. Among the different ways to present, were wanted posters, stories, reenactments, and even a newspaper article!


Miss Mitchell was very impressed with how well all of the groups worked together and the fabulous ideas that they came up with.

What do you think happened in the picture?




The pupils who came to 3H had to create a physical drawing of a character from only listening to a character description.  They used their inference and interpretation skills to do so.  Here are some photos of the children working hard to imagine their characters.




The children who came to class 5D identified the similiarities and differences between a book and a film.  Mrs Dines read them a chapter from 'The Boy in the Dress' by David Walliams and then the groups watched the same part of the film.  The children noticed that there were lots of things that were different between the two versions but found it harder to identify things that were the same.  It was quite interesting that the different groups throughout the morning spotted different similarities and differences.  There was one thing that puzzled them - in the book, the headteacher is called Mr Hawtrey but in the film the headteacher is called Mr Hawthorn.  Can you think of some reasons why they may have changed his name?


Here are some photos of the children working in class 5D



The children who came to 5K  and 6L read the performed the poem 'The Boneyard Rap' by Wes Magee.


First, the children read the poem in pairs and then discussed what they liked, disliked and what puzzled/confused them.  We then watched a video of a class of children preforming it to know what we was aiming for and also to get the beat of the rap.   Some house groups decided they wanted to perform it as a class, others in small groups. Finally, they added their own actions to go with the rap.  Each group worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Here are some photographs of us performing our raps in 5K




Here are some photos of us practising our raps in 6L