Please have a look at our wonderful gallery of photos...

Support staff looking fabulous !




Miss King as you have never seen her before! (Little Mermaid)


Guess who?



Year 3 looking very cute!



 Year 4 taking their new roles very seriously.



Year 5: you can't smell him but can you spot Mr Stink?



Year 6: We were so proud to see so many of our Y6 pupils dress up !



3H looking great in their outfits. Can you recognise any of these characters?


Pupils in Year 6 made a fabulous effort!  Which characters do you recognise from 6L?






Pupils in 6H has some fabulous costumes. The children in Year 5 dressed up as a wide range of book characters and looked wonderful.  How many different characters can you spot?


The Year 5 team coordinated their outfits and all came dressed as characters from one book.  Can you tell which one it is?


All teaching staff also dressed up.  We all really enjoyed ourselves.  Can you guess who we are?



Can you guess the characters?











The children of 4H looked fabulous.  The characters they chose ranged from Gangsta Granny to Greg, the Wimpy Kid. They included characters from a variety of authors including Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling and Dr Seuss, to name but a few.