Friday 25th September 2015


Dear Parents,


I have just returned from 4 days on the school trip and felt compelled to write to you to tell you how privileged I felt having been part of your children’s residential trip this week.


The children behaved well, represented the school with pride and good behaviour and were an inspiration to each other and to myself.

We watched them take part in a huge range of activities - they each over came individual fears and challenges to complete these and they should all be extremely proud of themselves.


As parents / carers – you should also be proud of everything your children have accomplished this week – from bed making to zip wires to caving to swimming to motivating each other and working as a team – they were a credit to the school, themselves and you.


With Kindest Regards,


Richard Burgess ACIEH, MCIM, Cert CII

Chair of Governors




Thursday 24th September

2:45 pm


I can confirm that the children had a fantastic time at the pool party last night. The instructors joined in and played lots of fun and games with them. This was followed by hot chocolate and yawning children!


For dinner last night the children had a roast dinner and I think there was a choice of roast chicken or beef. This was followed by apple crumble and custard.


When they woke this morning, it was dry but a little less sunny than previous days. However, Mrs Lyon seemed confident that this was going to clear.  All the different groups have different activities planned for today and they are all looking forward to another action packed day.


My instinct is that they will all be asleep on the coach home this Friday!


Unfortunately, I have not received any further photos as I think the wireless connection is limited and phone seems to be their main way of contacting us.   However, it won't be long until you are all reunited!


Have a great day. We hope to give a further update this evening.



8:00 PM


I spoke with Miss Lyon a short while ago and the children had another great day, with good weather.


The highliht of today was their visit to the gift shop!


All the children did their different activities and then went to dinner which I believe was chicken curry or fish fingers (stuffed peppers for vegetarians)


The children are hugely excited about 'Club Kingswood' (school disco) this evening.


I apologise for very brief updates today but I understand that today has been extremely busy, with little opportunity to call!


There is a chance of another update later this evening. If not, I will update you tomorrow morning.



9:20 PM



It has been another fun-filled day at Kingswood for all the children and another day of sunshine! They have been so lucky with the weather this week. Today, the children have experienced new skills that they may not have tried before such as archery (with some children hitting the target!), riding a quad bike around a track and bouldering (climbing sideways which was rather challenging).


Some of the activities today have involved working together as a team. They enjoyed climbing low ropes blindfolded with the guidance of their team, finding clues together in an orienteering activity and creating the tallest freestanding structure and other designs out of giant Meccano. The afternoon ended with another swimming session involving a variety of pool relay games in teams.


This evening they have enjoyed getting ready together for the disco and being able to dress up rather than wearing mud-splattered dirty clothes! They have just danced the night away at 'Club Kingswood' and have been entertained by the dancing from the enthusiastic instructors! They were certainly ready for their bed tonight!


Meals today have been great and the children have been spoilt for choice. Lunchtime was fish fingers and chips, spaghetti bolognaise or ratatouille pasta. Dinner was chicken curry, vegetable curry or meatballs and pasta. The usual salad bar and fruit was available too. They certainly have not gone hungry this week!


Tomorrow will be an early start with lots of packing to do. The week has flown by!


Miss King




Wednesday 23rd September



Good morning!

I am pleased to tell you that another good night was had by all.  Last night the children had a camp fire which they really enjoyed, particularly the hot chocolate and marshmallows!  They sang lots of silly songs with actions and had a jolly good time!


They were, I am told, exhausted by the time they went to their rooms. They all went to sleep much more quickly than they did on the first evening!  It is anticipated that, by this evening, they will be so tired some of them may be asking to go to bed (there's a first for everything)!


For dinner last night, they enjoyed sweet and sour chicken or sausage and chips...or any combination of the above, followed by raspberry ripple mousse. I am told the food is plentiful and this morning they woke to a full English breakfast.


Apparently, the children are so busy all day and there is no time for them to miss their parents!  There are lots of activities planned for today and they are very excited about tonight's pool party. We will probably have an update early evening.


Finally, the sun is shining!



5:45 PM


The children have enjoyed another action packed day in the sunshine.  They have had so much fun - up in the air and underground! Activities have included whizzing around the go-kart track, crawling through the caves (and getting very muddy!), competing in Aeroball on trampolines and zooming down zip wires!


Lunch choices were great with giant sausage rolls or pasta bakes which gave children some much needed energy for a busy afternoon.


The children are very excited about the pool party tonight and are looking forward to a great evening.




Tuesday 22nd September

9:40 am


I am pleased to report that the children all had a good night's sleep and have woken up very excited about a day of adventures.  At the last update at 7:30 am this morning, the children were getting ready for the day and going to have their breakfast at 8:05am.


Last night's evening meal was pizza, tacos, salad bar, bread etc, with muffins to follow,  and the children all seemed to really enjoy the food, which was of a good quality.


 Apparently lights finally went out at 10 pm as the children were so excited. Staff are hoping they will be so exhausted by the end of today that they will all be asleep much earlier tonight!


The skies are blue and everyone is in good





2:00 pm


We have been sent   a group photo and a couple of photos of small groups.



4:30 PM


I apologise for the delay in sending this but, unfortunately, I accidently looked us out of the school Parentmail account and had to wait an hour for the account to be re-set!


I am attaching a group photo that I received this afternoon. If you are having difficulty opening it from Parentmail, I have also added it to the website. There are also another couple of photos of two small groups and these can be found on the school website. If I am sent any other photos, I will also upload them to the website. However, please be aware that the wireless connection at the centre is quite limited so I cannot guarantee that more photos will come through.


I have just had a phone call, albeit very brief, to say that they are having a great day. The sun has been shining and they have been abseiling and conquering their fears! They are currently playing some field games and I am told that Mr Burgess is as excited as the children!


All very positive but I am hoping for a further update later!


Mrs Branch



5:50 PM


Please find attached some photos of one of the groups having fun today (for website page, see document attached at bottom of page)


We will try and upload photos of a different group each day.


The children have all had a little bit of time in their rooms after a long day before going to dinner shortly and then on to their evening activities.  I will update you tomorrow morning to let you know how they got on!


Have a lovely evening.


Mrs Branch




Monday 21st September

2:00 PM


Whilst we have little information so far (poor phone connections in deepest Norfolk!), I can confirm that the party arrived safely at Thetford Forest  and in good spirits. They had a great time and the weather was 'kind to them' in the words of Mr Burgess!


They are now well on their way to the Kingswood Centre and we will give you an update as soon as we hear more!



3:58 PM


This is a very quick message to confirm that the coach and children have arrived safely at Kingswood. I am awaiting a call back with further details - they are currently settling in,  out their bedding etc.  and I have been promised a phone call back with more details shortly. I will email you as soon as I have taken that call.


I will be in touch soon.



5:26 PM


I can now confirm that the party arrived at Kingswood at 3:30 pm. They are all organised in their dormitories and had to make their own beds up!! They had a tour of the site to get them used to where they will be living for the next week. They are all in very high spirits and are about to go and have their evening meal. A team building exercise is also planned, followed by movie night.


At Thetford Forest, the children had a great time and everyone had birthday cake to celebrate Ethan's birthday!



11:00 PM


I am pleased to tell you that we have received a late evening update from West Runton.


After an early evening fire drill ( in the rain!) and a team building activity, the children settled down to enjoy a movie (Valiant) and ALL children went to bed calm and content.


We will give you an update as soon as we have one tomorrow. We hope this will be around mid-morning.


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